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Is Mentoring For Kids Really Necessary

Parents these days are pressed for time. Most often both parents work and do not have sufficient time to teach their kids or help with their home work let alone spend some time with them as well. In such situations most couples have opted to hire additional help outside of the school to help their children cope with the study requirements. 

However, getting additional or paid help in the form of a maths tutoring in Epping seems to be raising eye brows a lot in the current times. Taking kids for other recreational activities such as sports or music does not seem to be an issue at all, but most parents nowadays feel judged if they hire professional help in assisting their kids with their school work. They are often thought as too ambitious, pushy or even sometimes lazy which is considered not a positive outlook. However experts suggest that it is high time that tutoring be recognized as a necessary profession or service because what they provide becomes vitally important for students and parents alike. The reasons for hiring mentors can vary from child to child. Oftentimes parents are pressed for time and in some occasions they feel ill equipped or not up to date in order to help their kids with the lessons they need to do.

But there are times when they think simply getting a tutor for all the subjects will do that trick. This however is strongly discouraged. Sometimes parents are often pressured to push students to excel especially if they are attending high performing schools. In such situations if the kids cannot cope they can get really disheartened and depressed. Experts therefore suggest that parents need to pay close attention to their children and their abilities prior to hiring outside help. It is also recommended that they closely discuss with their class teachers prior to going for additional coaching such as maths tutoring. This is because the school teacher is the best person to judge a students performance levels and discuss or offer suggestions for parents to help the student’s progress or do better. Having a mentor can help when there is stress among students and parents. Visit 

Children are more likely to open up about difficulties in lessons or subject matter to a third party than their parents or even sometimes the class teacher. This is mostly due to embarrassment or peer pressure. Therefore in such situations children can hugely benefit from this method. Research suggests that hiring a younger person such as a university student can help bridge the gap in student teacher communication. When hiring a mentor communication is crucial. Students respond and open up about their problems to individuals they can relate to. Therefore selecting the right person is also important. It seems there are mix feelings about mentoring, however if it is done for the right reasons and in the end benefits the students, then it is a worthwhile investment for parents.

Ways To Successfully Complete IB Exams

The international baccalaureate program also known as IB offers student a diploma that is an alternative to college prep class.

To start of your IB preparation HK, you need to first do you research on IB and start your work before classes actually begin. This will actually increase your performance and help you be in the top.

This IB diploma program is a common high school level diploma and this is not as easy as people think it is. As this is an internationally accepted program that’s available once students gain UK university application consultants HK, the requirements for you to pass this exam also comes with standards. Not only do you have to complete seven classes from a long list of subjects but you also need to complete 2 long form essays and an extracurricular project selected by yourself which helps to promote engaging with the world.

Many high schools offer students a way to complete IB courses individually, and year end IB exams offer credits for their college. This is actually a god way to enhance your college application without having to commit to the full diploma.

Like I said before, you need to start off your work before classes begin. Do your own research regardless of what the subjects you have chosen, you can find the syllabus online, if this year syllabus is not available try the last year ones, there won’t really be huge difference.

If your chosen classes have a lot of reading to do, I suggest you start reading on it from right now. Check for previous exam papers and review on them as well.

Have an organizational system to your course. Considering the large formats of essays you need to be working on, the essay word count is around 4000 words. So without always outing reminder to you, telling yourself to work on the huge essay. Start working on it right now. You could have a first draft, a second draft and a final version made. That way. You will actually come out with a really good essay in the end.

The IB course also seems to have a particular focus on creative thinking and information gathering. The IB language art classes have a list of prescribed literature translations that is of course, chose by your instructor.

When it comes to translations, you may notice that the elements found in the original sometimes are lost in words, you don’t have to be fluent in the original literature book but you need to try translating it separately as well. This is for you to actually understand the work and of course this may take up a lot of hours. This is why you may want to start your in preparations hk before classes actually begin.

If you are applicable for the IB program, this preparation is essential. Start of by reading ‘The theory of knowledge’ requirement, this will help you overcome doubts.

And the creativity action and service program is actually a lot of work as well, but you may not be able to work on from the summer itself. But you could start brainstorming. Ask your friends and family, get them involved in with the ideas.

As difficult as IB sounds, pulling it off is a huge success.  Doing such diploma itself is a huge opportunity, but remember: what you do is what you get. So start of working as soon as possible.