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Top 3 Courses You Can Take Online

Thus, they are also in dire need of professionals who know how to package and handle tourism hotspots pretty well. They need locals to act as tour guides, and tourism graduates who can help market places for them.The thing about learning is that, it never stops. No matter what age, gender or nationality you are in, your right to education is a basic and inherent right. However, aside from formal academic institutions, lessons can be learned from anywhere – even from personal experiences. And with technology, the classroom has expanded way beyond its 4 walls.Thanks to the Internet, many courses and trainings can now be taken online. Some reputable schools even have an Open University arm where qualified students can take up masteral courses or short courses such as tourism training courses Australia.The best part about open universities and online coaching, seminars and training courses is that, the student does not have to leave home just to attend classes. Learning is done anywhere, as long as the student can connect to the Internet. Papers and projects are passed and checked online too. Students may be required to go to school, but in most cases, physical attendances are only required when the student finishes the course (during recognition) or a few weeks before finishing the course.

However, there are limitations. Not all academic fields can be taken online, because some specializations require a formal academic setting. But there is still a wide range of courses and trainings to choose from, such as:

  • Tourism Courses
    Travel and tourism courses are now also offered online, though it’s mostly offered for a fee. Successful completers can receive certifications from Mundus Galileo and other travel industry leaders. This is great if you want to work as a travel agent, airport/shipping staff, hotel and restaurant staff, or venture out as a travel blogger/vlogger. Click here if you want to take up travel and tourism courses Sydney.
    • Finance and Investing Courses
      There are a few free classes that touch on the basics of finance and investing, but if you want to learn more of the complicated stuff, you have to enroll in paid classes. Finance and investing lessons are very useful because they are not typically taught in schools (except if you are a business major). A little financial knowledge can help you budget more effectively, learn the importance of saving and investing, and even help you run a small business more efficiently.
      • Digital Marketing Courses
        There are also free digital marketing courses online that covers the basics. But for those who want to learn more of the complicated stuff, classes and trainings may require a payment. Digital marketing lessons are useful if you want to start earning income from a blog or video channel. The additional knowledge is also great for people who want to shift their career to the online or social media space.