You may have heard from some people that unemployment is at its highest and that it is almost impossible to get a marginally good job but then you might have been surprised to see that other people get really great jobs fairly easily. You will see people who cannot get employed for months and years while others will be happy to give up their jobs without a second thought because they are so confident about getting employed again. There are truths to both of these statements. On the one hand the job market is very tight because companies are hiring less people to do more jobs because they know that young people are desperate for jobs and also because the companies themselves cannot afford to hire a lot of people and therefore, in comparison with the past, many companies hire one person at a slightly better salary and have them do the work load of three to four people. For this reason jobs are truly scarce and yet, if you are good at your application process, the chances are that irrespective of the scarcity of the jobs, you should be able to get employed.Create a great first impressionThe first impression that you set with any potential employer is the resume and the cover letter that you send them with your application. This is usually the toughest step to get through because while you might be great for the job and the perfect candidate, if the letter you send does not reflect this, if the letter is robotic and predictable, you might not get called in for the interview which is the stage at which most people get stuck. They never get called back. This is why it is best to hire the best cover letter writer to write out your cover letter for you based on what employers are looking for as well as an interview with you about your own personality, strengths and weaknesses.

Most professional resume writing service companies will have studied the subject and will therefore know exactly what potential employers will want to see.In most cases, job seekers put in all of the wrong things on their resumes and leave out the most important things that employers are looking for. You will sometimes see age, gender, religion, marital status, height and various other details that are not only unrelated to the job at hand but also details that turn employers off completely which is what causes them to not get called back.